March 31, 2009

Harry Potter


Winged Key.
So sick.
Check out the other dope stuff from Leviticus Jewelry. All handcrafted amazing-ness.

Hide and Seek


Source: Unknown

Bling Bling


Puts Lil Wayne to shame.
Source: Dazed and Confused April 2009

March 30, 2009

Case of the Sunnies


Over my RayBan's at the moment. Craving these thick rimmed babies.

Stud Muffin


I feel that a serious studding fiesta will be happin' real soon.
Maybe some sick cut off for summer?

Source: Jak&Jill

March 28, 2009

California Sunshine


Not only craving these sunglasses, but the ideal summer weather that you can wear them in.
Such a good Saturday. Off to Disneyland.


March 27, 2009

Im seeing stripes


Kate Lanphear.
Not only does she make me want to re-dye my hair platinum, she also creates this vision of the perfect black and white striped tee that seem to have become ridiculously hard to find.

Source: tfs



Next to Chuck Bass, my favorite Gossip Girl character.
Jessica Szhor.

#1: Kitson Launch Event
#2: Calvin Kline

White on White


So iconic. Love Lagerfeld and the fact that I feel like no one has ever seen his eyes.

March 26, 2009

Model Behavior


Super Models Enter Rehab
Source: Vogue Italia via tfs --July 2007
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Styling: Karl Templer

Diamonds on my Neck


Such a sick sweater. DIY anyone?


March 25, 2009



V Magazine Sept/Oct. 2007

Photography: David Sims
Styling: Karl Templer
Model: Agyness Deyn

March 23, 2009

E from FashionChalet!

Many of you may know me from the long lost blog of Your'e so Fetch. Sadly that blog just became too neglected so I felt that it was time to start up the blogging once again. Although I had given up my own personal blog for quite sometime, it never stopped me from secretly stalking the many pages of the bloggers that real inspired me.

One of my all time favorite ladies of the blogging world is Miss Erika of Fashion Chalet. She was kind enough to me my first victim, followed by many...I hope, that has set time aside and answered a special little questionnaire that I threw together. Erika is really a great girl and has one of the kindest personality not to mention a great blog that pretty much screams inspiration!


-- Lets start with the basics. who are you and what is your blog all about?
I'm Erika, a 26 year old girl who lives more for fashion than anything else! My blog is about my take on trends and style (what I like and how I wear it) personal photographs, Inspiration board "collages", models and fashion week coverage and anything and everything else in between (from shoe porn - to food porn!)

--Describe your style.
Romantic flairs (I love anything from the 40's, 50's and 60's!) meets street style savvy (studs, shredded denim, and combat-like boots!)

--Top 3 most coveted items at the moment
Raquel Allegra's tops
Anything Alexander Wang or Rodarte.... le sighhhh!

YSL Trib Two pumps (in black and dove gray!!)

--Currently, list 7 of your favorite songs, you know the ones you listen to on repeat!
Cereal Boxes James Newton Howard Lady in the Water Soundtrack
Where is Your Heart At? Jamie Cullum
Bottom of the Ocean Miley Cyrus lol.. I know, but it's good :]
101 Albert Hammond Jr.
Put Your Arms Around Me Natasha Bedingfield
The Littlest Birds Be Good Tanya
Love Letters Aaron Zigman

--Besides from fashion and other bloggers, what really inspires you?
Actresses: Keira Knightley, Audrey HEPBURN and Gwyneth Paltrow. Models: Isabeli Fontana, Erin Wasson and Ruby Aldridge. Fashion Magazine editorials. The Olsens!! Miss Nicole Richie. I Love Fake. Photography. Nylon magazine. Michael Oats. Music always inspires me too, because it'll put me in a certain mood, every song brings me some different kind of light, almost like shedding an idea! :]

--If you could have any type of career right now, what would it be and why?
Writer- hands down, for a Fashion magazine. That or become a Stylist for "shoots/editorials" and covers (also for a Fashion magazine) they are the only two passions I wish for most!!!!

--What are some of your favorite make-up products? and some you hate!
I love powder base and bronzers. Lip glosses, nude lipsticks, black eyeliner and mascara are also at the top of my list. I hate liquid foundation, too cakey and I don't feel like my skin can breath in it. Also eyeshadow up to the eyebrows is kinda of too much...

--Where is the one place you love to travel to? And the one you wish you had been?
The Bahamas, best beaches and tanning around. Not to mention the food. The Virgin Islands are one of my favorites for the Summer. I wish I have been to Paris!!!!

--What are somethings you collect?
Fashion magazines, rings, scarves and lipglosses. ....

--What are your plans for tonight? Stay in or go out?
Actually going out. I was invited to eat Italian at a friend's tonight. She's going all out and gourmet, and I don't have to cook! YAY! :]

--Favorite Designer(s)? artists?
Christophe Decarnin, Edgar Degas, John Galliano, Nicolas Ghesquière, Miuccia Prada, Anna Sui, Ruffian, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Salvador Dalí..Erin Fetherston, Rodarte, Luella, Chanel, Lagerfeld.... there are so many!!!

--Comfort foods?
Mac & Cheese, Baked Lays (sour cream 'n cheddar.. gosh they're so good!!) Vanilla Ice cream with cookies..... chocolate!

--Favorite clothing item? Jewelry? and why?
Summer dresses. I love really soft t-shirts too. And wedged shoes. They make me feel feminine and pretty. I can't get enough of oversize rings right now either. Why? Well, you can thank MK for that one! :]

--Mary Kate vs Ashley? Favorite and why?
Mary Kate she challenges herself and the Fashion realm with her eclectic and ingenious ideas every time she steps out. But I applaud Ashley for always looking up to the minute chic and done with oodles of class. I love them both and wish to meet them someday!! :]

--Most inspirational quote?
Taken from Influence by the Olsens...
"I think you have to be influenced by everything and be reckless enough to gamble all or nothing to follow your dreams. You have to believe in what you do as much as you love it. You only get a short life, so take chances." John Galliano.

--Please place your favorite photo of all time here:

March 22, 2009

What Your iD?


Gemma Ward
iD Magazine September 2007
Source: Fashion Spot

March 20, 2009

Freee Friday!


Happy Friday! I'm off to a delicious sushi dinner!
Source: Unknown

March 18, 2009

Ready, Set, Go


Welcome to Ocular Oasis, a blog dedicated to the large inspiration folder on my computer along with all the bloggesphere bloggers who probably have one too.This blog will be full of amazing shots, surveys from other blogger's and coming soon... an ebay store. I hope you all enjoy and feel to snag any photos that are truly visually pleaseing.

xx Double O

Source: TheSelby